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GBSUP CIWW, Cardiff, 01/05/2022
All photos for GBSUP are set to free download (watermarked images). Just click on the photo you want, and then click the download symbol above. Selecting "buy" as a digital download gets the original file (no watermark).
NB Free downloads do not work from a phone.
Please note: Free Downloads and the £3 digital downloads are for personal, non-commercial use only. This includes printing for yourself and personal social media only. I have updated the download options to include a variety of file sizes licensed for royalty free (RF) commercial use. The smallest one at 1MP should be suitable for any online use. Please contact me if any questions or to negotiate discounts / freebies for multiple purchases. If your publishing purpose is non-profit making I'll generally oblige with photos and just ask to be credited. Please do just ask. Thankyou
Please contact me if there is a photo of you that you would like removed from public domain.